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Friday, March 17, 2017

A Little About Britt...

Hello! Welcome to my Slice of Virtual Paradise.  Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.
I was born and raised in North Carolina. A whole twenty-some years in an absolutely gorgeous place. Mountains.. cities.. beaches.. what's not to love? Okay, the heat and humidity. But we all have our faults. That being said, I'm a huge Carolina Panthers fan (but that's definitely not a fault). Come football season, be ready for some black, blue, and silver. My wonderful family makes NC a lovely place to be. All the culture and southern hospitality the Carolinas have to bring - magical. Southern drawls, y'all, sweet tea, Lilly Pulitzer - the things dreams are made of. 

Ever feel like you've hit a stationary point in life and want an out - to see more, do more, live more? Pack your car up, hug your family, drive across the country, and move to Las Vegas. That's what I did anyway - in late 2014 - and fell in love with the REAL 'City of Lights' -- the 'City That Never Sleeps'. Living in Sin City has been incredible. Being service industry (SI) has really let me open up my eyes to a world that might not even exist outside these city limits. When not behind a bar, I enjoy all that the area has to offer. If you're like I was (prior to moving of course) and have never visited Viva Las, but don't do much gambling, surprisingly, Vegas offers a lot. You're pretty close to everything. Driving distance to so much! California coasts, Zion National Park, Red Rock Canyon (a personal favorite of mine), Lake Mead - the Hoover Dam?! Hits every bit of my history-slash-outdoor needs. Oh, and the food. I like love to eat. And the food options here are endless - you can find just about anything at any hour of the day.

What makes me tick? What do I love? What is my purpose here? Ah, these are all questions I find myself asking... well, myself. Hah. I love a lot...
  • Organizing.. I like to think I have 'messy OCD' (yes, that's a thing). Organized Chaos, I think is the best way to phrase it. I keep an organizer/planner or two or three. Paper and virtual. Color-coded everything. Labels are like a drug to me. 
  • Food. I cook. I bake. I saut√©. I love to eat. Home-cooked, tapas, gourmet, quickies - I don't discriminate. Do I consider myself a "foodie"? No. Not really. I'm no expert. I just know what I like (which is a lot!!) - and like many people, have a strange fascination with photographing my food. A picture says a thousand words, right?
  • Being Thrifty. A few friends of mine often laugh and joke at my "frugal" ways. I love the challenge. Scouring clearance racks, thrift stores, coupons.. it's like an awesome treasure hunt. Do I splurge on occasion? Of course. There's just something so satisfying about snagging a great deal.
  • DIY. I love upcycling. I love making things pretty and fixing them.
  • Living! This of course should come easy, but I love it. I love life and all the exciting things with it. 

These are all things you can expect to find and read along with my blog!

Enjoy xx

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