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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fact Check.

Today's going to be a little more about the gem behind the keyboard.

Twenty Facts About Britt

  1. This isn't my first blog. I sort of successfully kept up with a blog ten years ago. Eventually I let it go when I started college.
  2. I adore living in Las Vegas, despite rarely ever gambling (factually, I hate the strip).
  3. I have many siblings. An older sister, a younger stepbrother, and a half-sister. And a... step sister? Unclear what the official title is on the youngest, but love her dearly too.
  4. I obsessively love my pupperino, Ellie. After getting her after her mom pushed her out of the litter, she's my little teacup of joy.
  5. I've got a slightly sick, often inappropriate sense of humor. With zero regrets.
  6. My first (of now, eight) tattoos was a Girl Scout Tattoo. I got it six months after my 18th birthday. It was hand-drawn by myself, and includes a heart of Forget-Me-Nots (my Girl Scout Troop Crest) and the Cherokee Symbol for Friendship "YY". Double fun, the movie playing while I got it done was "Jingle All the Way" - quite possibly the first time I've ever seen that entire movie.
  7. I really love playing some XBOX (MagicRedApple). Fallout and PvZ is perfect.
  8. I sincerely love history facts. An entire shelf on one of my bookshelves is dedicate to US History, World Wars, etc.
  9. Working in the service industry, I hear tons of crazy stuff. The worst and most absurd thing I've ever heard a bar guest tell me, "My husband, who's in his late 80s, broke his neck... by himself, enjoying a toy he ordered off the internet." I couldn't believe it, until she offered me pictures.
  10. Of all the baseball teams in the MLB, I download or watch every New York Mets game.
  11. Despite my sincere passion for mixology and service industry, I really want to teach elementary school. Drunk people and small children are often the same.
  12. If Third Eye Blind or Dave Matthews Band or Blue October comes through, I can assure you I will be there. 
  13. I adore my family back home in NC. I make it a point to keep up with them daily. If I don't get a chance to enjoy their chats - I have to settle with sending them memes. Which is just as fun.
  14. I already have plans for my next three tattoos. Number Nine will be a purple ribbon with words, celebrating my epilepsy - double fun fact, I'm epileptic.
  15. Snow White is my favorite Disney character with Belle as a close second.
  16. Star Wars and Batman are also strong obsessions. Except in the Batman series, Harley (and by no means Suicide Squad, because distasteful) and Robin are my favorite.
  17. I really, really, really love Flamingos. A lot. Eventually (and soon, I will post pictures of all my flamingos.)
  18. I've had my nose pierced twice, my lip once. Both are now bare.
  19. Thrift shopping is my favorite thing. Every Wednesday, I get to enjoy $2 tag - one color tag is always $2.
  20. I love books. I ultimately want my own library. Once every two weeks, I do a stock the shelves. Love love love used books.

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