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Thursday, April 27, 2017

DIY - Oops, I did it again. 🚘🚗

If you don't know, my garage sucks. A lot. We have a two car garage, that is built so no normal car could actually fit into it. We figured this out when we first moved in, and I attempted to park my new car, one payment deep, into said garage - resulting in losing some spackle and a Freddy-Kruegery scratch down the side of my new car. *SIGH*

So the alternative, because parking at our townhouse complex is equally as horrible as our garage, is to park in front of the doors. I'm not even kidding. Everyone in the complex with a garage does it. It's absurd. Well fun fact about such luxury - the siding is fragile. If you barely tap it, it crumbles (which, to fit in such a tight squeeze so my neighbor can get his truck out... happens sometimes - just the tire!) I'm almost 100% sure my townhouse was built by the fourth little pig, who was clearly so stupid he just didn't make it into the story. The big bad wolf saved him the embarrassment. But not us from his lackluster construction.

So alas, after our first "scratchy boo boo" (that somehow is always MY car...despite not always me driving it - J has been guilty twice) - our complex freaked out on us for "destroying the property"; which honestly did way more damage to my vehicle than to the garage exterior. No difference to our complex who has come to loathe us.  Apparently, we are "those tenants" - but that's a chapter for another day. So here is my quick, somewhat creative fix to a bump, to avoid yet another sticky note on our door.

Initial Damage - Looked MUCH worse in light.
Once you kinda... poked the initial assessment.

So after this small.. bump - I caved and headed to my local Wal-Mart (the same one I have seen a guy and his pet lemur buying towels at 1:00 AM.... Oh Vegas.) Now, while I would consider myself pretty handy - this was a task. Stucco? Thanks Google, all you did was convince me to hire someone. Which isn't as discrete as late night creativity. Now, I do have experience helping friends patch up walls from holes (don't ask, don't tell - but my most handiwork was a wall corner that got hit by a table.......) - but an exterior? Hmm. Challenge accepted.

A whole bunch of DIY at Walmart
"The Goods"
Remember the fourth pig? STYROFOAM.
After much struggle with messy (cheap) mixes
There's got to be a morning after.
Fortunately, Home Depot had a similar color - exterior- $7

So what did we learn? A quick DIY is a perfectly acceptable sneaky way to avoid your complexes wrath of annoying notes. And to always check the used paint bin at Home Depot. Because discounts. Or quite simply, stop running into your garage....

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