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Friday, April 14, 2017

Move Over 'Top Ramen'... there's a new HBIC

Alas, internet world, I love cooking. I love trying new things. I love being handy in the kitchen.

When I was back in NC, working at a ramen shop, my foodie chef I loved, Tsyoshi Ono, created a freaking ridiculously delicious ramen. I hate spicy. This had spicy in it, and was still freakishly delicious. And of course, from the west coast, it's not exactly something I can get when craving...

With summer approaching again, I've been thinking of this particular bowl of deliciousness. Living within walking distance of the International Supermarket of Las Vegas, I figured why not - it's my days off, why not give my hand a try. Now mind you, my results were extremely amateurish. I had to google how to poach an egg. I learned how to cook real ramen (sorry, but that weird package stuff isn't anything close to real). But I had an excellent time shopping somewhere I couldn't quite understand what I was purchasing. I also found some pretty cool desserts there that I will shortly be devouring.

Anyway, here it goes. Start to finish. Do I have a name for this concoction? Maybe by the end of the post. I'd give it a fair (maybe modest) 🍎 🍎 🍎.

Here is the finished product in all it's beauty.

Britt's Guide to Making "Flamingle Awesome Ramen 🍜 "

  1. Trim the Belly - When I purchased my pack, it was beautiful and marbalized. I didn't realize however parts of this was also rind. Eww. After careful trimming and cubing, my beautiful thick bacon was ready to go.
  2. Marinate the Belly - I used Hickory Barb-e-que Sauce, Hoison, and Chili Garlic Sea Salt
  3. Bake the Belly - 20 minutes, 450*
  4. Crack the Eggs 🍳- Seperate these from their shells to prepare to boil. I used many many sauce cups to prepare for the poaching. On that note, this isn't a meal that is easy on your kitchen. Keep your dishwasher empty.
  5. Poach the Eggs - I finally figured out after many attempts the easiest way to do this was use a ladle, let it solidify, drop it in to finish, scrape the egg foam off the top, then scoop up.
  6. Boil the Ramen - The package said exactly four minutes. And it was very very accurate. I used chicken and veggie stock to boil for more flavor. Once boiled, I drained, rinsed cold, put in a bowl (and don't laugh)... put the bowl in the freezer. At this point, you're almost done with the project, and you want those noodles cold. No one likes hot noods. ;D
  7. Prepare the Veggies - Okay, to be fair, I did this throughout everything. But it was nice to plate everything.
  8. Crisp the Belly - I love my pork belly a little burnt extra well done. Quick toss on a frying pan will crispy it right on up. Literally like 10 seconds per side (the baked BBQ glaze toasts fast).
  9. Toss it in a Bowl - Carefully of course. Food tastes better when it's pretty.
  10. ENJOY.

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