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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Lifestyles of the Rich (ha) and Vegas

Having moved to Las Vegas - I often get asked what it's like to live here.  Mind you, the glitz and glamour you see in the entertainment industry, isn't quite anything like real life. Even though living Ocean's Eleven would be pretty awesome. Can't deny that.

  • You must see celebrities all the time! What's it like? Do you rub elbows with them? Is Kanye really always at the club taking shots? I've seen a few, met a few, and have even served and exchanged numbers with a few (want to talk about feeling like a hot-shot with a NDA?) But are they everywhere? Do I always see them? Hardly. I saw Snoop and his entourage (to say that experience gave me a "contact high".....) at the Venetian once. That was pretty cool. Lots of professional athletes come around, but half the time I wouldn't recognize them without being told who they are. I've gotten to meet Carrot Top a few times - good dude! But otherwise, my experience has just been a lot of politicians. Boring.
  • What's it like to dress up all fancy and go to all the hottest clubs - you must party every night? Not at all. Locals (the ones I know at least) don't hit "the scene" unless it's a special occasion. There's so, so many awesome bars off the Strip that aren't priced for tourists who don't care about blowing a mortgage on a round of shots -- and you don't have to spend six hours getting ready to be seen by people who are too drunk to even recognize you. Actually, one of my favorite hang-outs is a "hole-in-the-wall" gaming bar - 24 hours of cheap drinks, amazing food, and the best and sweetest bartenders - it's like Cheers, but in 2017.  I will say, however, one of my favorite late-night sights if I am ever on the Strip is watching all the girls who give up on their heels. Nothing more satisfying than seeing full extensions, enough make-up to stock MAC, and a red-carpet worthy dress paired with pair feet walking on possibly the grossest sidewalk in the US.
  • So wait, you don't spend all your time doing things on the Strip? To be honest, I avoid the Strip at all costs. I only go if I have friends in town or if it's a super special event. I can count on one hand how many times I've gone to the Strip in the past year. There's smaller casinos off the Strip that are much more local-friendly. I don't foresee myself needing to ride the roller coaster at NY,NY just to go. Spending $20+ just to park? Psh, please. If you hate rush hour traffic, imagine that - with taxis and double decker busses - 24/7... and add in a ton of drunk people not paying attention if they're in the street, at a crosswalk, or stopping for a selfie. Too much chaos and entirely stupid expensive. 
  • But then how are you a professional gambler? Isn't that the heart of Vegas? Honestly, I don't play that often. I like places like The Orleans because they have an ample supply of the penny slots (sadly, my favorite). A lot of people I know who do play - Red Rock is pretty popular. If the urge for poker strikes, gaming bars. Less crowded, cheaper.. and usually good food! Unless you've made a living off gambling.. that's just an extra activity to do. 
Wow. Las Vegas sounds like it sucks. Why would you want to live there then? The movies make it look so good!

It really is. From a financial perspective, cost of living here is awesome. No tax on food from the grocery store? No State Tax? Awesome. And there's tons of stuff we get to do.  Vegas has tons of great museums. Some of the best food I've ever eaten in my life has come from places off the Strip. If you golf, Vegas is gold for you. Tons of shopping here. So many great grocery stores, local bookstores, etc. The world off the Strip is just like any other place. Except palm trees and great weather. Most of us still get up and work (even though 9-5 isn't common here - the city runs on three shifts with being so hospitality and entertainment driven). We go to dog parks. It's actually probably a boring life. But an awesome one.

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