The Wind is Sailing Toward....

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Yeah, what's going onnnnn......

Ah, I'm so excited.

My project board is booming. There are so many things on my 'to-do' list that I just don't know where to begin - though I look forward to sharing them with you all.

So I have recently binged and bought a ton, an absolute ton, of fabric.  And a new sewing machine. Why? Well, because crafting is a stress relief. Of course, until the stupid lower thread comes out and you have to curse your machine with every word you know until you can successfully figure out how to smoothly rethread (hint, not there yet)!

But what about all the other crafts that are a work in progress? Oh, they're still coming along. There's much going on right now. Here's what to expect:

🍎 A DIY Star Wars Steering Wheel Cover (with a super fun Chewbacca air freshener)
🍎 A look at the DIY board of all these projects in-progress
🍎 A plan of a vacation in Vegas (staycation for me, but my bestie is coming out, and we will paint the town red.)
🍎 A DIY Disney vacation (while she's here, we are doing the most magical place on Earth - and I've got an insane DIY list of things for this trip)
🍎 A moving plan - my lease here is almost up and time to hunt down a new spot to make a home.

So keep an eye out. The busier the blogger, the more posts to come. Hopefully.

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