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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

brunchin' IS easy...

I've been doing some home cooking, figuring that'll help cut the caloric intake from fast food and equally crappy foods. At least, this way, I know exactly what's going into my body. Also, it doesn't hurt the wallet nearly as much! As a vast saver and couponer, I really enjoyed this last hunt - but more on that in the next post. Today however - I was CRAVING breakfast noms. So, I gave my hand at it! 

This was really easy to make - and I'm extremely pleased how it came out.
So as previously stated, I love savings! And I love fresh bread! Every time I go to the store, I make a beeline for the "Oops We Baked Too Much" shelf. Fortunately for me - I have a weird schedule and don't ever go to the store when the rest of the world does. Works out many ways - shorter lines and the ability to score the bread that wasn't sold during the rush. There's always a huge variety there. So this past run, I scored a Sourdough Flute Baguette (as well a hearth rosemary loaf and sourdough round). Bread, EVOO, and Balsamic are a staple in my life.

Anyway, I kept looking at my rosemary bread and started thinking about French Toast. How would Rosemary French Toast be? What would I top it with? .... and then the inevitable happened! I ate all the rosemary bread. 

But goodness did I still want some French Toast. You know how you get something in your head? And it's not going to go away. 

She's got the eggs. She's got powdered sugar. She has a great flute to slice up. So breakfast!

I sliced up part of the flute. Dipped the bread into the eggs. Slapped them into the frying pan. And then it hits. 

I DON'T HAVE SYRUP. I never use it. Well damn. Now what am I going to do? Honey.

But then they looked boring. But crushed walnuts to the rescue. All in all, quite a tasty brunch.

Also pictured - Man Cave Craft Eat's 'Moonshine Barbeque Chicken Sausage' with what was left of the egg dip scrambled in!  Would definitely, definitely recommend.

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