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Monday, November 27, 2017

Jingles Alls the Way...

Well, I officially suck. At least, at posting. I swear I have tons of pictures and posts I want to put up, it's just a matter of when! I got sucked into playing the "Disneyland Adventures" now that there was a release for XBOXONE. And I'm addicted (truthfully - when I should be blogging I'm 'riding' Splash Mountain for the billionth time - I WILL get all the platinum pins if it kills me!) -- really addicted. But if you play, join me! MagicRedApple

Anyway, gamer plug aside, the holidays are officially upon us. I hope everyone's had a great time so far. With that comes...

Something my crazy family does every few years. And boy, is it crazy. We've done many variations. One year, the first year I believe we were crazy enough to do it - everyone crafted for everyone. Got cool, very thoughtful, original things! However, if you procrastinate like literally everyone in my family - these crafts are hard to pull off.

My mom, when she has a project that looks good at first - but then becomes overly involved - we call them 'Shrinky Dinks' - so essentially, we should be calling it Shrinky Dink Christmas.

One year, we drew names for whom we were crafting. That was a lot easier - but somehow not as fun. And two years ago we were back at crafting (I will officially hunt for the photos of some of the crafts - I "made" ... repurposed... a table for her bathroom a la 'The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland').. Really fun stuff.

Now here's the catch. Where as most has til the 25 to complete their perfect crafts - unless I wish to spend my entire first half of the holiday doing so when I fly home.. I must have mine prepared and shipped by the 15th to ensure proper delivery.

We all love a short time span.

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